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  1. Norman embarked with the unit for New Guinea as a Trooper in no 9 Sect, “C” Troop aboard S.S. “DUNTROON” on 17 Jun 1943 and returned to Australia with them aboard “TAROONA” on 3 Sept 1944. He was discharged on 28 Nov 1945.
  2. The committee is seeking members' suggestions about further projects that the association should support. Most of the many friendship groups that support specific parts of Timor-Leste can be seen here. Many of those have projects currently under way. Some other charities that provide support to the people of Timor-Leste can be seen here. If you wish to make a proposal that the association support a particular project, or spend money in a particular way, please start a new topic in this section of the forums, including how much you propose be spent, who would benefit and why you
  3. At the association’s committee meeting on 9 March 2016, the following motion was passed unanimously: The president is asked to write a letter to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, expressing the view that, in respect of maritime boundaries between Australia and Timor Leste: Australia should enter good faith negotiations with Timor Leste; and if no agreement is reached, both parties should participate in binding arbitration. On 4 April 2016, this letter was sent to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Not having received any response, I sent this letter to the minister on
  4. WX19098 Robert (Bob) enlisted into the 2nd AIF in 1942 and served with the unit on New Guinea and New Britain as a Trooper in the Headquarters Group of “B” Troop. He was discharged on 15 Mar 1946. After returning to Civilian life, he was very heavily involved with the Unit Association and even though he did not serve on Timor, he volunteered many hours over many years collecting, packaging and sending goods to help the East Timorese. For recognition of his unwavering support of the Association, Bob was made a Life Member in 1968, was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2001 and was als
  5. Hi Jamie I have no record of him with the 2/2, with saying that I can only go on the info that I have had access to over the years. If you can give more info of your father, I may be able to help. Peter
  6. Peter Epps

    2016 Agm

    Dear Members Our association's 2016 AGM will be at 6pm on 3 August 2016, at Suite 35, 18 Stirling Highway, Nedlands. The agenda can be downloaded here. If you have not yet done so, please remember to renew your membership via the website. Kind regards Peter Epps President
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