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  1. Robert S R Chalmers

    Hi Peter I too have obtained a photograph of Robert although it would most likely be the same one that John has...that is all i have. I unfortunately do not have any extra information. Hi John Very unexpected to see another family member post. I am Malcolms daughter and if you would like to get in touch I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch any time on 0417862801. Kind Regards Belinda
  2. Robert S R Chalmers

    Hi Peter Thank-you so very much for getting in touch with me in regards to Robert. I do already have Robert's service papers and had only recently put dates together to find out about "S.S. ZEALANDIA". I will most certainly be purchasing a PDF copy of "All the Bull's Men" and hope to one day visit the Northern Territory Memorial. If in the future anybody wishes to make contact with further information it would be greatly received.Thank-you again and best wishes and thoughts to Keith. Kind Regards Belinda Millar
  3. Robert S R Chalmers

    Hi, My name is Belinda Millar (nee Chalmers) and my great uncle was Robert Stanley Raymond Chalmers VX34811. I would like to hear from anybody who may have any extra information regarding Robert other than what I may have already obtained, including confirmation that he was the 'Bob' Chalmers, the driver mentioned in the "Ration Truck Massacre" article. Any information regarding Robert would be greatly appriciated. Kind Regards, Belinda Millar