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    ANZAC Day 2020.jpg

    ANZAC Day 2020. A wreath was laid in Kings Park today to honour our Fathers / Grandfathers / Great Grandfathers. Normally it would have been laid at the State War Memorial but due to the lockdown it was placed on our Memorial in Lovekin Dr. Lest we Forget
  2. Peter Epps


    L to R H A Sargent, ?? Williams, C Chopping, W Crossing, A Smith
  3. Peter Epps


    Timor 1942 L to R F Napier, W Taylor
  4. Peter Epps

    tom Gar.JPG

    Timor 1942 L to R W E Tomasetti, H J Garland
  5. Peter Epps


    Timor 1942 Mixed group. L to R Standing C Chopping, G McKenzie, C Sadler, ??, S Ward, A Elder, C Maher, J Coyle, A Walsh. Front S Sadler, G Rowley, M Wheatley
  6. L to R Back 1. W Rowan Robinson, 2. J Wicks, 3. W Foot, 4. ?? Cullen, 5. T Crouch. Squat 1 J Carey, 2. ?? Mitchell Front 1. C Beavis, 2. F Cahill, 3. H Sproxton, 4. R Burton, 5. M Lindsay
  7. Peter Epps


    Crossing the RAMU New Guinea. L to R L Anderson, T Towers, L Bagley, J Hallinan, Back to Camera, J Keenahan, ?? Monk, K Curran, ???, D Dexter, T Giles.
  8. L to R Standing 1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. G Laidlaw. 5. ?? 6. J Fox Squat. 1 ?? 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ?? 5. D Turton. 6. ?? 7. ?? 8. ?? Sit. 1. ?? 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ??
  9. American Liberator Crashed at FAITI Airstrip L to R Unknown, J Fox, Alan Dixon, W Coker ???
  10. Thanks Ed Can't wait to do the tour next year and your guide is going to be a great asset to tourists to Timor Leste. If the rest of your guide is like this then congratulations
  11. Norman enlisted in the Citizen Military Force (Reserves) on 5 Oct 1938 and was posted to 17th Militia Battalion. He was promoted to Lieutenant on the 1 May 1940 and transferred to the A.I.F. on 13 May 1940. He embarked for the Middle east on 19 Oct 1940 and returned to Australia on 28 Mar 1942. He was promoted to Captain on 1 Sept 1942 and embarked for Timor on 20 Sept 1942 on attachment to Sparrow Force. He returned to Australia on 9 Nov 1942. He was promoted Temporary Major on 28 Sept 1943 and Major on 25 Aug 1944. He embarked for MOTORAI aboard "DAVID C SHANKS" on 6 May 1945, then emba
  12. Peter Epps


    Timor, Water duty, L to R. A Thomson, R Parry, D Young, G Merritt, E Loud.
  13. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944. Rear ?? Campbell, C Browne, ????, B Webber, A Hirst, C Cubis, F Broadhurst. Front. J Went, R Yates, T Martin, A Voevodin, F Cunningham.
  14. Peter Epps


    N.T. 1941 Rear L to R J Veal, R Richards, R Williamson. Front L to R A Grachan, E Hodgson
  15. Peter Epps


    Katherine, N.T. 1941. Left. J Veal and Right. R Richards installing water system.
  16. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944 L to R R Eastick, B Webber, ?? Campbell, C Browne.
  17. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944, Rear F Broadhurst Front L to R C Browne, C Cubis, ?? Campbell
  18. Peter Epps


    Luna Park, Friday, 10 May 1941 L to R E Mitchell, D Tapper, H J Morgan, H Meyers, S King
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