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  1. Peter Epps

    Kevin Thomas Wyburn

    Kevin was a Lieutenant, with 2/1st Tank Attack Regiment and was attached to the unit, for a short period, on New Britain for training purposes. Being attached meant that he was not part of the establishment of the Squadron.
  2. Peter Epps


    Photo taken prior to Embarkation to Timor, 1941. Back Row Standing L to R R A Studdy, F D Humfrey, G I Green, H J Morgan, M C Cash, F C Smith, unknown, G F Bayliss. Front Row Standing L to R F C Fagg, H S Meyers, G H Strickland, D F Murray, unknown, A E Friend, W I Holly, J R Smith, M A M Smith, Back Row Sitting L to R B J McMahon, R S Wilson, D T Ritchie, A Campbell, T G Nisbet, G H Smith, unknown, W E C Monk, A E Smith, Front Row Sitting L to R E H Craghill, N G Scott, P D Mantle, A Wares, P G Maley, G E Pendergrast, R E E Tatum.
  3. Peter Epps

    ANZAC 2010

    L to R Arthur Marshall, Jack Carey, Dick Darrington, John Burridge, Bob Smyth.
  4. Peter Epps

    Safaris & Reunions

    Hi Chantal Sorry we don't have a list of safaris / reunions, it would be a case of going through the Couriers. Peter
  5. Peter Epps


    Notice Warwick Crossing is carrying a sniper's .303 rifle. It is different from the other .303's in the photo.
  6. Peter Epps


    This is Lt John Rose
  7. Peter Epps

    William Charles VERNEDE

    William was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as a Lance Corporal in No 1 Section, “A” Platoon. He returned to Australia on 22 Aug 1942 and transferred to 16th Australian Infantry Training Company, 21 Dec 1942, 3rd Australian Training Company, 29 Apr 1943 and was discharged on 26 Nov 1943.
  8. Peter Epps

    James Maxwell STEWART

  9. Peter Epps

    John Henry STEEN

  10. Peter Epps

    Norman Tillett

    Hi Christy Glad to hear from you. I'm currently adding the info into each mans Bio in the "men of the 2/2" section and am in the "M's" at the moment, if you click on some of the names in the A to L you will see what I'm doing. The info I have is purely 2/2 orientated, so if you or the family wish to add any other info please don't hesitate to let us know. A good example is Alan Luby NX55531, I have his 2/2 info and Ed Willis has added a lot more to his story. We also would like 1 or 2 photos of each soldier for their Bio and the only known one of your dad is this not so good one, so if you can supply any better ones please do. Kind regards Peter Epps
  11. Peter Epps


    L to R Tom Towers; Les Anderson; Len bagley
  12. Peter Epps


    Rear John Fowler: L-R. Francis Thorpe; jack Prior; Roy Watson
  13. Peter Epps


    Bill Epps LH middle two: Gerry Green 3rd from Right back row
  14. Peter Epps

    Ronald LAWSON DOOK

    Ronald was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as a Private in No 7 Section, “C” Platoon. After the campaign on Timor, he embarked with the unit, for Australia aboard the Royal Dutch destroyer “Tjerk Hiddes” on either 11 Dec 1942 or 16 Dec 1942, as the embarkation rolls do not differentiate. After leave and reorganization, he embarked with the unit for New Guinea aboard S.S. “DUNTROON” on 17 Jun 1943 Sergeant in No 10 Section, Headquarters Group. Ronald left the unit in New Guinea and Transferred to 2/8th Australian Commando Squadron as a Lieutenant, served on Bougainville and was Mentioned in Despatches. He was discharged on 27 Nov 1945. Ronald was made a Life Member of the Association in 1955.
  15. Peter Epps

    George Reginald WILSON

    After training at 1st Commando Training Squadron George embarked with the unit for New Guinea aboard S.S. “DUNTROON” on 17 Jun 1943 as a Trooper. He was medical evacuated to Australia on 2 Sept 1944. He was discharged on 11 Oct 1945.