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  1. Norman enlisted in the Citizen Military Force (Reserves) on 5 Oct 1938 and was posted to 17th Militia Battalion. he was promoted to Lieutenant on the 1 May 1940 and transferred to the A.I.F. on 13 May 1940.
  2. Peter Epps


    Timor, Water duty, L to R. A Thomson, R Parry, D Young, G Merritt, E Loud.
  3. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944. Rear ?? Campbell, C Browne, ????, B Webber, A Hirst, C Cubis, F Broadhurst. Front. J Went, R Yates, T Martin, A Voevodin, F Cunningham.
  4. Peter Epps


    N.T. 1941 Rear L to R J Veal, R Richards, R Williamson. Front L to R A Grachan, E Hodgson
  5. Peter Epps


    Katherine, N.T. 1941. Left. J Veal and Right. R Richards installing water system.
  6. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944 L to R R Eastick, B Webber, ?? Campbell, C Browne.
  7. Peter Epps


    Strathpine, 1944, Rear F Broadhurst Front L to R C Browne, C Cubis, ?? Campbell
  8. Peter Epps


    Luna Park, Friday, 10 May 1941 L to R E Mitchell, D Tapper, H J Morgan, H Meyers, S King
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