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  1. Many thanks to you and the memory of Jim Walker for providing this transcript and those wonderful drawings. Kind regards.
  2. Great work. Thanks so much for sharing this with the wider community. Powerful stuff. Kind regards, Ben Marshall
  3. Thanks for posting, and directing me to, this film. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for this piece. More kudos to the 2/2, and context to this part of the Pacific War. Cheers and regards, Ben
  5. Thank you for posting this. I didn't realise so many criados were left behind on that final night. Heartbreaking. But what fantastic achievements by the Denmark East Timor Fuiloro Association, and the Thorntons. Bravo.
  6. Thanks to Elizabeth Milsom for permissions, and Edward Willis for posting this wonderful collection. It provides a real depth to accounts of the time and the place.
  7. True history is important, and worth correcting mistakes. Onya.
  8. Cheers, Edward. Had I not been in the middle of moving from Queensland to Tassie during this time, and caught up in work, I'd have loved to have returned to Timor with your group. Well done to everyone involved for helping pay back a little bit of that debt all Aussies owe the Timorese.
  9. Thanks for posting the shots on YouTube. Would love to be on this trip, so perhaps I can manage the next. Look forward to hearing stories and thoughts of those who went on this trip. Regards to all, Ben
  10. Bravo, Colleen and Murray. It's heartening to see Aussies taking our debt to Timor Leste seriously and doing this. Thank you. I wonder if either of you would like to write about your experiences after - I suspect I wouldn't be alone in wanting to hear how you go. Either way, all the very best to you and your Timor colleagues.
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