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  1. Helen Kenneally

    Crossing the line

    In the context of the recent welcome announcement by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, this new book by Kim McGrath is an important evidence based contribution to the discussions on Maritime Boundaries between Australia and Timor Leste. Kim McGrath has trawled the national archives to produce the smoking gun on Australia’s callous betrayal of the people who supported our commandos in World War II, and on the immoral and unlawful appropriation of their oil.’ —Paul Cleary A great read see: https://www.blackincbooks.com.au/books/crossing-line
  2. Helen Kenneally

    Opening of the Dare Memorial Pool and Resting Place - 13 April 1969

    Great Work Ed. Thank you. I remember reading the Courier report of this ceremony and it was very moving. It would be great to add this to these pictures. It had the main speeches transcribed including Bill Epps' speech.
  3. Helen Kenneally


    Members might be interested in a crowd funding campaign to build a high school in the remote village of Soibodia being organised by Tamara Sloper Harding from the Pittwater Friends of Soibada Inc. The school is specifically to honour the memory of the Australian Diggers including the men of the 2/2nd commando association who were befriended by the Timorese in WW2. See https://chuffed.org/project/help-tamara-honour-aussie-debt-to-the-timorese-with-education
  4. Helen Kenneally

    Vale Alexandre da Silva Tilman

    Members of the Australian Military participated in the funeral service for Snr Tilman (RIP) the Garden of Heroes Cemetery in Metinaro. Thank you Rob for the reference to Snr Tilman in the 1993 Courier . I will make sure this is passed onto his family.
  5. Helen Kenneally

    Letter to Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)

    Fantastic initiative. Could I also suggest that this be copied to Dr Brendan Nelson at the AWM and to the leader of the Opposition and relevant Shadow Minister - probably Penny Wong. With thanks Helen Kenneally
  6. Sorry John I had missed this post. Clearly a very positive response to this exhibition. With regards Helen Kenneally
  7. Helen Kenneally


    Thank you Edward Willis I have really enjoyed reading these contributions. Regards Helen Kenneally
  8. Helen Kenneally

    Maritime Boundaries

    Another thoughtful article on the Permanent Court of Arbitration decision by Father Frank Brennan Another win for 'David' Timor against 'Goliath' Australia - Eureka Street.html
  9. Helen Kenneally

    Maritime Boundaries

    The Conciliation Commission issued its Decision on Competence on the 19th of September and it was made public today. The Permanent Court of Arbitration put out a Press Release announcing that "In its Decision, the Commission held that it was competent to continue with the conciliation process.”
  10. Helen Kenneally

    Maritime Boundaries

    A thoughtful article by Paul Cleary who wrote the "Men who came out of the Ground" https://www.eurekastreet.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=49814#.V8T248QmLCQ Australia would do well to take note.
  11. Helen Kenneally

    Maritime Boundaries

    It is possible to view the proceedings from The Hague regarding compulsory Conciliation between Timor Leste and Australia on Monday 29 August beginning at 5:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time) https://pca-cpa.org/en/news/timor-leste-australia/ Timor Leste is the first country to trigger compulsory conciliation under the UN's Convention on the law of the sea (UNCLOS) and the case could set a precedent that could be applied elswhere. See also http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-28/east-timor-australia-maritime-border-to-be-negotiated-the-hague/7791778