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    WX12123 Lieutenant Reginald John (Jack) Denman MID MC
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  1. Ed, thanks once again, for all the time you invest in researching and recording these forgotten articles. Well done.
  2. Thank Ed, I will need to get a copy of the book to read. Cheers JD
  3. Please see attached update from Andrew Hastie MP for Canning and in particular the post "We Will RememAndrew Hastie's cupdate for Member for Canning.pdfber Them".
  4. Thanks Ed. if you haven't already done so please send details of the approval to Ted Graham.
  5. Thanks Ed, another excellent and well researched article.
  6. Dear Lorraine On behalf of the 2/2 Commando Association of Australia Inc. and its members, I would like to express our sincere sympathy to you and family members on the passing of your father on Thursday 26,March 2020. If a Vale or Tribute was prepared for him, or there was a story about him in the local newspaper, perhaps you could send us a copy so that we can add this his record on the ‘Doublereds’ web page. As far as we are aware John (Jack) Trelease Hanson from Queensland is the last man standing.
  7. Jack turns 98 on 9 August 2019. I will, on behalf of the association, send him a birthday card but would encourage all members to also send one. Unfortunatley, due to mobility issues he will shortly be moving to a care system. In the meantime cards can be sent to: 255 O'Regan Creek Road Toogoom Queensland 4655
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