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  2. Hello. I am wondering if anyone can give me any information about my grandad. Keith Gilbert Beacham regimental number WX33173. He is second from the right in the photo. Thanks 😊
  3. Peter Epps


    This document was among my fathers service papers and families of the men listed may find it interesting.
  4. Hi Loretta This info was taken from his service papers online at the National Archives of Australia. If you have any other photos of dad you wish to add to his page please send copies to p.eppsmh@gmail.com Cheers Peter Epps
  5. Hi Yvonne Are there other photos of your dad you wish to include on his page. If so, you can send them to me at p.eppsmh@gmail.com Cheers Peter Epps
  6. Perth-based members and supporters of the 2/2 Commando Association of Australia are encouraged to visit an upcoming exhibition at the Wireless Hill Museum, Yagan Mia Wireless Hill Park, 1 Telefunken Drive, Ardross WA 6153. The centre piece of the exhibition will be a 3D textile version of ‘Winnie the War Winner’ created by Sandy Mack whose father was original unit member Terry Paull (WX12340). Sandy’s representation of the iconic radio set is remarkable and should provide quite a conversation piece and draw card for the exhibition. Full details regarding the location of the Museum a
  7. Thanks for recording this information on my dad.
  8. Today 15th April 2021 would've been dad's 100th birthday.
  9. Thanks Ed; one of Harvey's medals has been lost, so I'll get a replacement. regards, Ken
  10. Dear Ken: See the Doublereds entry for your uncle linked below that includes details of the medals he was entitled to - let me know if you need any additional information. Harvey's service record can also be downloaded from: https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/DetailsReports/ItemDetail.aspx?Barcode=6468894&isAv=N Regards Ed Willis President, 2/2 Commando Association of Australia
  11. Hi all, My uncle was WX 13354 Harvey William Marriott, killed in Timor. What medals would he & his comrades be entitled to? I know this information is available via the Australian Government, but getting a response takes 3 months & I'd like to know sooner. Regards, Ken Laffer
  12. The WA Army Museum has long been a supporter of the 2/2 and our association. The museum is holding two impressive night-time events. See attached flyer. A Night at the Museum.pdf
  13. WWII in East Timor – A Site and Travel Guide LIQUIÇÁ MUNICIPALITY MAUBARA 8° 36' 42.98" S 125° 12' 22.00" E Maubara is 26 miles (42 km.) from Dili at a bearing of 262°. This small posto and market town is situated on the north coast and at the terminus of the coast road. The posto itself is constructed on a knoll with its usual administrative and auxiliary buildings. Several buildings were destroyed by floods during 1939. Other buildings are church, school, and residences, most of which are built of stone with galvanized iron roofing. There is an anchorage on th
  14. ‘The RAAF boys who fell out of the sky’. Sgt John Jones with (mounted) RAAF Sgt Webb and Flying Officer Gabb. [1] Introduction No. 31 Squadron was formed on the 14th August 1942. It was to be a long range fighter squadron equipped with Beaufighter aircraft, the first of which was received on the 23rd August 1942. The arrival of the squadron at Batchelor in the Northern Territory on the 27th October improved the RAAF’s fighting potentialities in North Western Area. After a few weeks of intensive training and familiarisation flights, No. 31 Squadron moved to its operational b
  15. Hi Stephenie Try sending it to p.eppsmh@gmail.com Peter
  16. Hello Peter, Many thanks for updating information I have tried to upload a photo. but it keeps failing - it is a JPEG file so shouldn't be too big to load.
  17. Thank Ed, I will need to get a copy of the book to read. Cheers JD
  18. INTRODUCTION It is the 79th anniversary of the Japanese assault on Dili (February 19-20 1942) that began the almost year long Australian commando campaign against the occupying enemy in, then, Portuguese Timor. The earliest account of the history of the campaign was written by Bernard Callinan and titled Independent Company and published in October 1953. The book was reprinted in 1984 and is widely regarded as one of the best of the personal WWII campaign histories genre. Back in 1966 he gave an insightful address to engineering undergraduates at the University of Melbourne (hi
  19. Dear Ed, Thank you for your suggestion to submit a funding proposal for 2/2nd to contribute to the Veterans Training Centre, Daisua, Same. I have completed the submission as below. Our successful implementation of this will be our partnership with Veterans Care Association, AHHA Education and the Timorese Veteran Foundation in TL/Same. As a result I have copied in CD Singh from AHHA, Gary Stone and Colin Ahern from VCA and Ambassador Ines Almeida from the TL Embassy. I have also copied in MP for Stirling, MP Vince Connelly, who has been highly supportive of our cooperation in Timor
  20. Adino's design - final.pdf Completed Projects to February 2020.pdf TLV Submission 2021.pdf Manufahi Toilets BOQA.pdf
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