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John "Curly" Papworth

francis papworth

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Hi Jamie:

RE: PAPWORTH, FRANCIS JOHN: Service Number - VX66806: Date of birth - 09 May 1915 : Place of birth - ST KILDA VIC : Place of enlistment - ROYAL PARK VIC : Next of Kin - PAPWORTH LORNA

Please see linked file below for some reference sources for your father; I hope you there is something useful there for you.

Ed Willis

Papworth sources.docx

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Further to my earlier post, John 'Curly' Papworth is featured in a new Australian War Memorial publication - Double Diamonds: Australian commandos in the Pacific War


The Australian Commando Association, Victoria http://www.austcdoassocvic.com could also be contacted for information about him.



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Hi Jamie.  I have some photos of servicemen taken on Tarakan during WW2.  On the back of one of the photos, are the names are Shepherd, Barrett, Curly and Spike.  I have found the service numbers for Shepherd and Barrett.  Clearly the last two are going to be a little more challenging!  I was actually wondering if Curly might be your father.  I have been searching extensively online, and this website, and your message, hopefully, I have the right person.

I found these photographs in a box of family photos that my mother had.  I am 100% sure that none of the men in these photos are related, so I don't really know why I have the photos.  The only correlation I can find, is that my family are from Melbourne, as are yours.

I have attached the photos and wonder if you could maybe confirm?

I am really interested in discovering who these men were, and perhaps that will lead me to the owner (or family) of them, so I can return them.

Kind regards & hope to hear from you soon.





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On ‎13‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 6:39 PM, francis papworth said:


my father was in the 2/2 for a brief period before transferring to the 2/4 John "curly" papworth. does anyone have information on this ? he also designed the monument at tidal river after the war.

Jamie (frank) papworth.



On ‎13‎/‎08‎/‎2016 at 8:39 PM, Peter Epps said:

Hi Jamie

I have no record of him with the 2/2, with saying that I can only go on the info that I have had access to over the years. If you can give more info of your father, I may be able to help.


hi peter,

my only recollection of him in the 2/2 was that he  said he was sent to singleton in nsw to do cartography and map reading early in the war  and on his return he was transferred to the 2/4th. that's about all I know about his involvement with the 2/2nd.

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