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My WWII Commando grandfather turns 99 next week


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I am delighted to have found this wonderful website and resource, and look forward to learning more. My grandfather, Harry James Dorsman, served in the commandos in WWII and I found his page and was delighted to note a photo that was new to me! I will be visiting him in a few weeks, now that domestic borders are opening, and will show him this wonderful site. I suspect he will have memories of many men listed here to share as comments on their individual pages. 

This is his individual page, where I have left a comment with a little about his life of service after discharge.


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Hi Tanya

Many thanks for contacting the association. It is really great to hear Harry is well and approaching 99.

The association is now run by children and grandchildren of members of the unit.

We are conducting our 72nd commemorative service on 21st Nov 2021 commencing at 3.00pm Western Australian time. We do not have daylight saving here.

The service will be live streamed, so hopefully Harry can watch. 

Thanks for the info, I will add it shortly to his Bio page.

Please pass on our very best regards to Harry and next time you see him, could you ask him what Section he served with and who his officers and NCO's were please. If he can supply any other info please  pass it on as first hand accounts are priceless.

We only know he sailed with the unit to New Britain as per his Bio page, info taken from his service papers which are very sparse.

Please keep in touch.


Best wishes

Peter Epps

2/2 Commando Squadron Archivist

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I'll be with him on the 21st! He doesn't have internet but I have a data connection so will plan on being there with him. Will also ask him questions, and see what's already written down in the house there that I can share here. 



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