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WX16414 Tpr A G Peters

Glenn B

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Hi Glen

Welcome to the website. When you go to the Nominal Roll page let it download a few seconds and you will get a Word symbol come up, if you click on it you will go to the units nominal roll and see Alfred George Philip PETERS WX16414 served on New Guinea and New Britain with the 2/2nd Commando Squadron. He joined the unit on New Guinea, 25 June 1943. Discharged 3 Apr 1946.


Are you related to Alfred, if so we would love to get a photo????



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A Jack Williams recently posted a query about the medals of Alfred Peters. Unfortunately, that query was made in the form of a now-defunct "report" function, which was intended for the reporting of inappropriate posts. Jack, if you would like assistance with your query, please post it again on this thread.

Kind regards

Rob Crossing 

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Thanks. I am new to all this.

I am a first cousin to Trooper Alfred Peters. His service medals were sold on ebay last weekend, and I am trying to gather as much info as I can. He also served in Korea. His number is 4/400107.  I would appreciate any assistance please.  Jack Williams

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