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Living Soldiers

Chantal Besancon

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I don't want to be morbid, but are there any surviving members of the 2/2 as most of the men would be in their late 90's now? I usually do a search around Anzac for any articles or interviews relating to the 2/2 but have not seen anything on these great men for a couple of years ie. Keith Hayes, Fred Otway & Jack Hanson article in 2016. Thanks.

Regards, Chantal.

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Hi Chantal

Thank you for enquiry nice to hear from you. 

Keith Hayes & Jack Hansen are definitely both still with us, have spoken to relatives of both men and they are in good health and spirits. But have not had any word on the well being of Fred Otway since 2016. We can only rely on family members to keep us updated.

Keith is 97, Jack is 98 and Fred will be 99 this year. 

Peter Epps


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