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  1. Mr Willis, thanks for your detailed reply. On the picture MEN WHO EXCELLED IN TIMOR in The Australasian 4 left my father. From left to right: Th. de Winter (1Lieutenant Artillery), D.M.Ph de Jong (Captain Infantry), Ch.W. Schreuder (1Lt Intendance), my dad H.G.P van Haren (Sergeant-major instructor Inf), G.van der Kolk (Sergeant Art), N. Strik (Sergeant Engineers), H. de Man (Brigadier Eng), Hitahiron (Sergeant Inf), M. Vrijens (Sergeant Eng) Tahaparij (Sergeant Inf) W. Broekstra (Kanonnier Art). One not present at the ceremony. Later on 9 other soldiers where honored with the Br
  2. I have 2 pictures taken at the day my father was decorated with the Bronze Cross (a high Dutch military award) for his actions during the defense of the airport at Dilly (Dili) Timor, February 1942. My father fought with Sparrow Force in Timor for ten months. I have uploaded one picture on the Gallery-section. On this picture you see several Australian soldiers, probably from the 2/2 or 2/4 Independent Company and my father on the right side. Who knows these soldiers and women? The decoration ceremony took place on February 3, 1943 at Darley Camp, Bacchus Marsh
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