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  1. Gerard, thank you for creating this post. I have also recently been contacted regarding the documentary, and am looking forward to contributing however possible. Mr Willis, thank you for linking the article by Ben Brodie, I had this provided to me many years ago by the Netherlands Ex-Servicemens and Women's Association in Sydney, but unfortunately lost my electronic copy. Finding this post is tremendous. The linked NLA articles I haven't seen before; I'm grateful for the additional history you've supplied. My grandfather, Jan Zijlstra, was Ben's CO, commander No. 3 Timor Company, and a Bronze Cross recipient for actions near Ossu. He played a small part in Syd Wadeys rescue, and after the war corresponded with, and at one point hosted Bernard Callinan while he was compiling his book, being mentioned by Callinan in his introduction to 'Independent Company'. With this exciting documentary project underway, I've this week brought Jan's wartime papers out for the first time in several years. There's a small number of documents from the campaign, and I'd be honoured to share any information I have on these forums in the near future. Regards, Bradley Zylstra
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