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Hector Fleetwood (Jack) Burn - Timor 1942. Looking for help/information


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My name is Jane Chugg, I am the granddaughter of Hector Fleetwood Burn. His army number was TX1582. He was a member of the 2/40th Battalion who escaped the surrender in February 1942 and who I believe joined up with the 2/2. I am attempting to research/write about his war experiences - not for publishing, just for our family. I was very excited to find this website as there is little to be found on this aspect of the 2/40th.  Most of the research I have been able to find focuses on those members of the battalions who became POWs. I know little of this period of his service and would be thrilled if anyone has any information/contacts etc. they would be able to help me with.

Thank you,

Jane Chugg.

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Hi Jane,

The following information has been relayed to me from one of our committee members.



Hector Fleetwood Burn’s digitised service record is available on the National Archives of Australia web site: http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/NameSearch/Interface/ItemDetail.aspx?Barcode=6357762&isAv=N

His record does give dates and some other details of his service with the 2/2.

All the 2/2 unit histories make scattered references to the 2/40 and men from other units who escaped from Dutch Timor to Portuguese Timor and were incorporated into the 2/2.  Reading these references would give Jane a good idea of Hector’s personal experience that would have essentially been the same as all the other men.

The only specific reference I could find to Hector Burn was in Ayris: 2/2 Nominal Roll p.498, 2/2nd men who joined from Dutch Timor, BURN, HF TX1582.

See Cyril Ayris. - All the Bull's men: no. 2 Australian Independent Company (2/2nd Commando Squadron). - [Perth, W.A.]: 2/2nd Commando Association, c2006.

The other unit histories are listed at:


See also: Paul Cleary. - The men who came out of the ground: a gripping account of Australia's first commando campaign: Timor 1942. - Sydney: Hachette Australia, 2010.

All these unit histories can be sourced using your local public library service.


I hope it's able to help a bit.

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Thanks Louis, so much for this. I have a further question, if anyone can help. I have some information that my grandfather worked with/knew a Norman Demmery (NX39548) - the database here has the last number of his service number as 7 but it is 8. Norman was a member of the 2/2 itself, not just joined from the 2/40th. I have found his service record but would love to know if anyone knows more about him.


Thanks again,



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  • Committee

Hi Jane:

Hope the following info about Norman Demmery helps:

Listed as one of the 1st Reinforcements on Timor; see 'Historically yours! War clouds gather' Courier, November 1959, p.9 (attached)

Listed as participant in Safari; see Courier, June 1968, p.14 https://doublereds.org.au/couriers/1968-06%20-%20Courier%20June%201968.pdf

Listed in 2/2/ nominal roll, Ayris, All the Bull's men, p.493.

Service record photo: http://www.sparrowbook.com/#!nx39548--demmery,-norman-francis/zoom/c50a/image_mv6

Nice little wartime anecdote about Norm found on Trove database: http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/112521201?searchTerm=%22Norm%20Demmery%22&searchLimits=exactPhrase=Norm+Demmery|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom|||dateTo|||sortby

Worth searching Trove under all variations of Norm's name: http://trove.nla.gov.au

Burial reference for Norman Francis Demmery (1924-1998), Grafton, N.S.W cemetery


If you're a member of Ancestry.com or can get access to it through your local library, there are also references to him there.


Ed Willis


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Your Grand Father joined in the same unit as my Uncle. Your Grand Father came from the 2/40th and my Uncle was in the 2/2nd. My uncles name is John Trelease HANSON WX12804 who was on Timor for the duration and is very much alive and well. He would love to have a chat with you.

Please contact me so that we can arrange something.

My name is Martin MORRIS - 0427097766. email: martin.morris@westnet.com.au

Martin Morris

11 Cowan Way, Merredin WA 6415


0427 097 766

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