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  1. Thanks Louis, so much for this. I have a further question, if anyone can help. I have some information that my grandfather worked with/knew a Norman Demmery (NX39548) - the database here has the last number of his service number as 7 but it is 8. Norman was a member of the 2/2 itself, not just joined from the 2/40th. I have found his service record but would love to know if anyone knows more about him. Thanks again, Jane.
  2. Hello, My name is Jane Chugg, I am the granddaughter of Hector Fleetwood Burn. His army number was TX1582. He was a member of the 2/40th Battalion who escaped the surrender in February 1942 and who I believe joined up with the 2/2. I am attempting to research/write about his war experiences - not for publishing, just for our family. I was very excited to find this website as there is little to be found on this aspect of the 2/40th. Most of the research I have been able to find focuses on those members of the battalions who became POWs. I know little of this period of his service and would be thrilled if anyone has any information/contacts etc. they would be able to help me with. Thank you, Jane Chugg.
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