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Melville Friends of Hatolia wins Award; Toilet construction progress report

Edward Willis

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Hi everyone:
MFoH won this City of Melville award presented on Australia Day; this is nice recognition for the small group that has worked hard for the people of Hatolia over the last 10 years; see story on Facebook:
Xisto, MFoH's contact in Dili has just provided this update on progress with toilet construction in Hatolia; his command of English is not top class but hopefully you can glean the substance of what is going on.  The wet season is a real limiter to both work and travel between Dili and Hatolia.  The student he refers to will be back in Perth soon and should be able to provide me with the much wanted photos and additional information:

Recently 3 toilet construction is ongoing which 2 school toilet in the Fatubesi school  where under field leadership of the each chief of school with supervisor by Mr. Grasiano. The chief of Libuto school and one Community Public toilet under responsible by Father Natalino and supervise by myself.


Last week there was student from Perth ask me to give the direction how they can go and meet Mr. Grasiano and another  two chief of Fatubesi school to see the progress of the school, as the student committed with MFoHatolia team. But they couldn’t get true because the car they use was not appropriate with road condition so they have to cancel to go further until the school. 


I knew they got some pictures from Mr. Grasiano and the information I got from Mr. Grasiano saying that one of school toilet it was completely finish but another one still on going and the progress was about 75% done.


Then for Hatolia community public toilet, based on the information from father Natalino over the phone, Hi told me completely done, there is need for water system connection to the toilet although is not include in the budget but Father Natalino want to contribute to add it. I am asking for the accomplishment photos but since before Christmas and after new year father Natalino not coming down to Dili yet. Let’s me think if I can manage  somehow I can get the picture



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