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Veterans Care Association - Funding submission for Trade Skills Workshop, Veterans Training Centre, Daisua, Same

Edward Willis

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Dear Ed, 

Thank you for your suggestion to submit a funding proposal for 2/2nd to contribute to the Veterans Training Centre, Daisua, Same. I have completed the submission as below. 

Our successful implementation of this will be our partnership with Veterans Care Association, AHHA Education and the Timorese Veteran Foundation in TL/Same. As a result I have copied in CD Singh from AHHA, Gary Stone and Colin Ahern from VCA and Ambassador Ines Almeida from the TL Embassy. I have also copied in MP for Stirling, MP Vince Connelly, who has been highly supportive of our cooperation in Timor-Leste. 

This will be a remarkable project. The more funding, the better the outcome, better tools, better safety - please push for as much as feasible - Govt spending doesn't look like it is coming any time soon. This budget would buy a few pieces of large machinery in an Australian Mens Shed. With our incredible partners in TL, the money will have maximum effect on the ground as has been demonstrated by all that has been executed so far in the wider VTC project. I was thinking we could paint this building red and paint the double diamonds on the side. 

Please let me know if there is further that I can provide. I have updated the website that has detailed reporting of the project over the past two years. We can get this done pretty fast. 

Warm regards, 

Michael Stone

Michael Stone
Program Director, Timor Awakening, Veterans Care Association Inc.
Honorary Consul of Timor-Leste, Queensland - Australia
T:  +61 421 013 740 (Australia)    T:  +670 7771 9597 (Timor-Leste)
e: michael.stone@tlembassy.net              e: michael@veteranscare.com.au    
w:  www.timorawakening.com

2:2 CDO Association Grant Proposal Trade Skills Workshop - Veterans Training Centre Same.pdf Veterans Training Centre Same VCA Report No 1 Jan 2021.pdf

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