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First Reunion Table Placecard

Beau Grose

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I thought it was good to see the autographs too, rereading 'The Men Who Came Out Of The Ground', and interesting to see names mentioned in the book as autographs on my grandfathers placecard.

The menu still reflects the time period too, sauteed pigeon in particular catch my eye.

Kind Regards to all.


As you can see most signatures are peoples name except 2.

Flea and Bloss, does anyone know their names, in particular Bloss who has written 'Rusty you beaut' (Rusty being my grandfather)



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I see that the autographs have a category for "respectable types" and "border line cases", with only a few placing themselves in the former category and most squeezing in on the latter.

The last of the translations at the top of each of those pages seems to be Pidgin. Gutpela is "good fella", so the first category is for good fella men.

In the second category, "liklik" is little. Therefore, "Gutpela liklik" is for blokes who are only a little bit good...

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