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Information On My Father

Robert Noakes

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My father, Trooper Robert Coleman Noakes was taken on strength of the 2/2 Commando Squadron on 30 January 1945 and embarked on the Taroona for Jaquinot Bay on 9 April 1945.  He was previously in 2/11 Armoured Car Regiment. He remained with the unit until it was disbanded.

I would like to learn more about the activities of the Squadron over the period until the end of the war.

I would be grateful for any assistance in this.

Yours sincerely

Robert Noakes

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Hi Robert

When the unit landed in New Britain. they realised they were going to be "Mopping Up' the Jap forces left behind by Gen MacArthur's US troops. The glory would be enjoyed by the Americans and they left the AIF to clean up after them. The units time on New Britain was spent patrolling, with other AIF units,  a 30 Km neck between the Gazelle Peninsula and the mainland of New Britain, as it was estimated that approx. 50.000 Japanese troops were hold up around Rabaul on New Britain. The AIF units only amounted to a couple of thousand troops. They had to keep an eye on the Japs to make sure they stayed in the Peninsula area.

The unit built a camp at Lamarien and an O.P (observation point) at a place called Centre Point.  The unit did 3 to 4 day patrols out to Centre Point and back. The Japanese surrendered on New Britain on 16 Sept 1945, just over a month after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. Your father was in No 4 section, "B" Troop under Lt Eric Smyth.



Peter Epps

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Hi Peter

Thank you for that information.  I have a question related to Dad's medal entitlement.  Would the 2/2 have been regarded as operational when Dad joined them on 30 Jan 1945, or did this only happen once they landed in New Britain.  If you like, you can reply direct to me email anoke@Hotmail.com




Robert Noakes

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