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Brass Plaque's Location.


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There is a brass plaque on my father's grave. I believe there is another one which I thought was at the Cenotaph in Melbourne. Today I discovered a photo of one the location of which is unknown to me. Are the Army ones located in the state of death or WA because that is where the unit was raised? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Christine Tillett


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Hi Christy

The plaque looks like a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) plaque, that is supplied for ex service personnel, who have been deemed to have died as a result of their war service after discharge. My dad was cremated and he has a plaque exactly like your dads on the W.A. War Graves Cemetery wall at Karrakatta.

The plaques are located as far as I know in the state of their last residency. I would suggest you contact the DVA in your state and ask for info on Norman and the plaque.

Hoping I have answered your query sufficiently.


Peter Epps

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