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Request for Photographs - Stories

Gregory Blake

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My name is Gregory Blake. I am currently writing a book on the history of the Australian Independent Companies - Commandos during WW2. I am very keen to get photos related to the subject. The AWM has a good collection of photos, but I was hoping to find new images. For publication purposes I need to get copies of actual photos, not internet images. I noticed on your website an excellent photo of Freddy Spencer Chapman and Michael Calvert training at Wilson's Promontory. I was wondering if you could tell me where this photo came from so that I can make use of it for my book. I would also be very interested in any photos related to WW2 commando service or personal stories which association members might have access to which they are willing to share with me. If so please reply on this forum.

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  • Committee

Hi Gregory

It’s great that you are writing a book on Australia’s commandos in WWII. Theirs is a story that should be better known by the Australian people.

As for photos, our committee’s position is as stated on the footer of our website. The material therein is copyright, except for non-commercial public use, except if otherwise agreed.

Several issues arise from your query:

·                Although we do hold some original photographs, we do not propose to part with them. All of our photos appear on our website. If a photo is to be reproduced for non-commercial public use, the images from the website are those that would ordinarily be used.

·                As you wish to use photos from the website for publication in a book, where would the profit go? If, for example, the whole of the profits was to be used in accordance with our association’s objects , the committee may indeed agree for specific photos to be used in your book.

·                The photo of Chapman and Calvert to which you refer (on this page https://doublereds.org.au/forums/topic/85-brigadier-michael-calvert-1913%E2%80%931998-%E2%80%93-trainer-and-long-term-friend-of-the-doublereds/?tab=comments#comment-133) appears in Paul Cleary’s “The Men Who Came Out of the Ground” (https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/4804433). We do not know where else it appears, or where the original is.

·                As for stories or photos that members might provide to you, you are free to use our public forums to ask people to contact you and provide such input. All of the stories that we have, we have published on our website and they are subject to the copyright described above (except where otherwise stated).

I hope that this does not come across as obstructive or unreasonably uncooperative. However, we are an incorporated association and the committee is bound to act at all times in accordance with the association’s objects. If you do have a specific proposal to use photos or other material from the website, please let me know.

Kind regards


Peter Epps



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