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William (Bill) Cooper

Pam Hinkley

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My Dad was a member of the 2/2 unit and I would like to purchase replicas of his medals. We have his original medals and they have been split to give each of his children an original medal.

Can anyone direct me to the correct place to purchase these replicas please.

Pam Hinkley


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Hi Pam

Depending on the state you live in, I would try the Yellow Business Pages and look up Medal Mounting as most of these supply copy medals.

I would suggest you ask for "Court Mounting" as the medals are held secure were as "Swing Mounting" the medals as the name suggests swing on the ribbon and are not as secure.

We are trying to get a photo of each member of the unit to put in their Bio, is there any one in the family that has a photo of Bill, preferably in uniform, that we can use, please????

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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