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Dareing Take of Airfield

Kevin Berriman

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Reading my Cousin [Fred Everett NX129380] diary he wrote about an opperation he was involved in where they were required to jump out of a flying aircraft [by Yanks] pushing their gear out then jumping, regaining their gear & feet clearing off the Japs far enough to alow our planes to land to bring in re-inforcements & gear.This would have been a very dareing engagement & heroic, I have not seen any referience any-where or found anyone who can give me any information on this engagement, it should be well written about & well known, can anyone help me on this subject?

Kevin Berriman

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Hi Kevin

We don't have Fred Everett NX129380, on our nominal roll. I have checked his service papers and he joined 2 / 6 Independent Company on 30 Sept 1943, transferred out to 2 / 3 Commando on 21 Sept 44.

He embarked for Morotai on 22 Jun 1945 and sadly killed in action on 7 Jul 1945.

I agree with you that it was a daring and courageous adventure but  we have no knowledge of the action. I do know there is a 2 / 3 Commando unit history, you may have to look it up in that publication.

Sorry not to be of more help.




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