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  1. Hi Robert

    When the unit landed in New Britain. they realised they were going to be "Mopping Up' the Jap forces left behind by Gen MacArthur's US troops. The glory would be enjoyed by the Americans and they left the AIF to clean up after them. The units time on New Britain was spent patrolling, with other AIF units,  a 30 Km neck between the Gazelle Peninsula and the mainland of New Britain, as it was estimated that approx. 50.000 Japanese troops were hold up around Rabaul on New Britain. The AIF units only amounted to a couple of thousand troops. They had to keep an eye on the Japs to make sure they stayed in the Peninsula area.

    The unit built a camp at Lamarien and an O.P (observation point) at a place called Centre Point.  The unit did 3 to 4 day patrols out to Centre Point and back. The Japanese surrendered on New Britain on 16 Sept 1945, just over a month after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. Your father was in No 4 section, "B" Troop under Lt Eric Smyth.



    Peter Epps

    New Britain.JPG

  2. Hi Christy

    The plaque looks like a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) plaque, that is supplied for ex service personnel, who have been deemed to have died as a result of their war service after discharge. My dad was cremated and he has a plaque exactly like your dads on the W.A. War Graves Cemetery wall at Karrakatta.

    The plaques are located as far as I know in the state of their last residency. I would suggest you contact the DVA in your state and ask for info on Norman and the plaque.

    Hoping I have answered your query sufficiently.


    Peter Epps

  3. Hi Christy

    Glad to hear from you.

    I'm currently adding the info into each mans Bio in the "men of the 2/2" section and am in the "M's" at the moment, if you click on some of the names in the A to L you will see what I'm doing. The info I have is purely 2/2 orientated, so if you or the family wish to add any other info please don't hesitate to let us know. A good example is Alan Luby NX55531, I have his 2/2 info and Ed Willis has added a lot more to his story. We also would like 1 or 2 photos of each soldier for their Bio and the only known one of your dad is this not so good one, so if you can supply any better ones please do.

    Kind regards

    Peter Epps


  4. Hi Glen

    Welcome to the website. When you go to the Nominal Roll page let it download a few seconds and you will get a Word symbol come up, if you click on it you will go to the units nominal roll and see Alfred George Philip PETERS WX16414 served on New Guinea and New Britain with the 2/2nd Commando Squadron. He joined the unit on New Guinea, 25 June 1943. Discharged 3 Apr 1946.


    Are you related to Alfred, if so we would love to get a photo????



  5. Hi Gregory

    It’s great that you are writing a book on Australia’s commandos in WWII. Theirs is a story that should be better known by the Australian people.

    As for photos, our committee’s position is as stated on the footer of our website. The material therein is copyright, except for non-commercial public use, except if otherwise agreed.

    Several issues arise from your query:

    ·                Although we do hold some original photographs, we do not propose to part with them. All of our photos appear on our website. If a photo is to be reproduced for non-commercial public use, the images from the website are those that would ordinarily be used.

    ·                As you wish to use photos from the website for publication in a book, where would the profit go? If, for example, the whole of the profits was to be used in accordance with our association’s objects , the committee may indeed agree for specific photos to be used in your book.

    ·                The photo of Chapman and Calvert to which you refer (on this page https://doublereds.org.au/forums/topic/85-brigadier-michael-calvert-1913%E2%80%931998-%E2%80%93-trainer-and-long-term-friend-of-the-doublereds/?tab=comments#comment-133) appears in Paul Cleary’s “The Men Who Came Out of the Ground” (https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/4804433). We do not know where else it appears, or where the original is.

    ·                As for stories or photos that members might provide to you, you are free to use our public forums to ask people to contact you and provide such input. All of the stories that we have, we have published on our website and they are subject to the copyright described above (except where otherwise stated).

    I hope that this does not come across as obstructive or unreasonably uncooperative. However, we are an incorporated association and the committee is bound to act at all times in accordance with the association’s objects. If you do have a specific proposal to use photos or other material from the website, please let me know.

    Kind regards


    Peter Epps



  6. Hi Chantal

    Thank you for enquiry nice to hear from you. 

    Keith Hayes & Jack Hansen are definitely both still with us, have spoken to relatives of both men and they are in good health and spirits. But have not had any word on the well being of Fred Otway since 2016. We can only rely on family members to keep us updated.

    Keith is 97, Jack is 98 and Fred will be 99 this year. 

    Peter Epps


  7. Hi Pam

    Depending on the state you live in, I would try the Yellow Business Pages and look up Medal Mounting as most of these supply copy medals.

    I would suggest you ask for "Court Mounting" as the medals are held secure were as "Swing Mounting" the medals as the name suggests swing on the ribbon and are not as secure.

    We are trying to get a photo of each member of the unit to put in their Bio, is there any one in the family that has a photo of Bill, preferably in uniform, that we can use, please????

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  8. G'day John

    Sadly Archie past away a few years back, we only have 3 unit members with us now. Archie was a gentleman of his time as were all his mates.

    Would love to have a photo of Robert for our website, many thanks for the offer.

    My address 60 Simpson Dr, Padbury, WA, 6025



  9. Hi Kevin

    We don't have Fred Everett NX129380, on our nominal roll. I have checked his service papers and he joined 2 / 6 Independent Company on 30 Sept 1943, transferred out to 2 / 3 Commando on 21 Sept 44.

    He embarked for Morotai on 22 Jun 1945 and sadly killed in action on 7 Jul 1945.

    I agree with you that it was a daring and courageous adventure but  we have no knowledge of the action. I do know there is a 2 / 3 Commando unit history, you may have to look it up in that publication.

    Sorry not to be of more help.




  10. Hi Belinda

    When I replied to you I didn't have my list with me and now notice we do not have a photo of Robert to add to his bio. Does anyone in the family have a photo of him either in uniform or civilian clothes please???

    We are trying to put a photo with each members bio.

    Please can you or any family members supply us with any other info you wish to put in his bio, as what I gave you the other day is all we have on Robert??????



  11. Hi Belinda

    Sorry for delay in answering you.

    As Keith Hayes is the only person alive that knew your great uncle and he is not the best at the moment, the only info we have on Robert Chalmers is the following which is on our website



    Robert was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as a Private in “Q” Staff of Headquarters Group.

    Robert was Killed in Action, 20 Feb 1042, when the ration truck was caught in an ambush during the first landing of the Japanese on Timor.  He is commemorated on the Northern Territory Memorial.


    If you are interested I can supply URL's for the National Archives for his service papers, which will only have the basic info on him as he died very early in the war. Also you can purchase a PDF copy of the unit history "All the Bull's Men" from our website here: https://doublereds.org.au/store/category/3-digital-books/

    Kind regards

    Peter Epps

  12. The committee is seeking members' suggestions about further projects that the association should support.

    Most of the many friendship groups that support specific parts of Timor-Leste can be seen here. Many of those have projects currently under way.

    Some other charities that provide support to the people of Timor-Leste can be seen here.

    If you wish to make a proposal that the association support a particular project, or spend money in a particular way, please start a new topic in this section of the forums, including how much you propose be spent, who would benefit and why you think we should support that project.

    The committee is more likely to support proposals that will achieve a clear or measurable benefit than proposals that are more general or open-ended.

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