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    New Guinea 1944. L to R 1. J R McLauchlan, 2 R Crossing, 3. R N Parry, 4. J A Keenahan, 5. T Paull.
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    Some of "The Men of Timor" L to R 1. Unknown, 2. R J Sprigg, Signals, 3. H J Brown, No 2 Sect, 4. J S O'Brien, Signals, 5. W E Tomasetti, Headquarters, 6. D F Murray, Signals, 7. I J Brown, Signals.
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    Engineers Section, "D" Platoon, Timor 1942 Rear L to R 1. H E James, 2. W N J Howell, 3. G I Green, 4. A J Martin, 5. W E March. Front L to R 1. W T Epps, 2. G H Strickland Notice the fire power of group. Green has a snipers rifle and the other 4 in rear have Tommy Guns, both in front have Bren Guns.
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    Wilson's Promontory 1941 Rear L to R 1. R Cole, 2. Dr C R Dunkley, 3. T G Nisbet. 4. C F G McKenzie. Front L to R 1. J C Burridge, 2. G G Laidlaw.
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    Wilson's Promontory 1941. L to R 1. T G Nisbet, 2. A Campbell, 3. J A Rose.
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    Batchelor Aerodrome N.T. Nov 1941 Rear l to R 1. B T Gannon, 2. H Botterill, 3. R E E Tatum, 4. G F Bayliss. Front L to R 1. G F Greenhalgh, 2. BJ McMahon
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    Nullarbor Plain 1941 on way to Wilson's Promontory. Rear L to R 1. H T Crowder, 2. G W Hislop, 3. P Alexander, 4. T Paull, 5. Unknown Front L to R 1. T F D Towers, 2. A Davidson, 3. A J Lane, 4. K M Hayes
  8. Peter Epps


    No 3 Section, Wayville South Australia 1941 Rear, L to R 1. B C Langridge, 2. G E Pendergrast, 3. B A Brown, 4. W H Rowan Robinson, 5. G B Holmes Front, L to R 1. RK Palmer, 2. W G Cooper, 3, E Weller, 4. H A Longbottom,
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    Maxwell John Bowden NX108912 No 1 Section New Guinea
  10. Ernest (Dudley) enlisted in Citizen Military Force (Reserves) on 12 Dec 1938 and was promoted to Corporal on 3 Apr 1939, Sergeant 1 Jul 1939 and commissioned Lieutenant on 25 Aug 1939. He transferred to the A.I.F. on 18 Jul 1940 and was promoted to Lieutenant. He was posted to 8th Division, Australian Army Service Corps(AASC) on 24 Jul 1940 and was promoted to captain on 17 Oct 1940 and transferred to Headquarters, 8th Division, AASC on 21 May 1941. He was attached to No 1 Advanced Maintenance Party, Sparrow Force and embarked for Timor aboard M.V. RUYS on 6 Jun 1941. He joined the unit o
  11. Peter Epps

    Horace Roy John

    Horace joined the unit on Timor as a Private from 2/40th Battalion after the fall of Koepang, approx. Mar 1942 and embarked with the unit for Australia aboard the Royal Dutch destroyer “Tjerk Hiddes” on 11 Dec 1942. He was discharged on 9 Nov1945.
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