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Water Treatment Plant -Los Palos Timor Leste

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28th April, 2024 (apologies for reposting)

Bondia ami, di’ak ka lea


As previously explained, I have taken up the property formally owned by Mervyn 'Doc' Wheatley, 1946 to 1965.  We have been at the 713 Nettleton Road Karrakup property since 1979 until the present.

In 2007/8 I started my visits to East Timor as a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Byford & Districts Inc.  These project trips continued through to 2022, with a break in 2010 and then through the covid period.  Apart from my own funding of reroofing a primary school in Ira Onu and attaching a verandah on a preschool in Com village, all of the projects have been water related, from hand sludging bores to mechanised drill rig, gravity systems from mountain springs to down hill communities, the largest being 4.5 kms of 2” pipes to a series of tanks and tap outlets in Baguia.

Our motivation is supported by the Timor Leste government’s expectation that water security is a high priority, especially in the rural areas of the country.

Recently the focus is on treating incoming water through a series of filters producing around 10,000 litres of clean water per day.  This is via the SkyHydrant model, usually at a high participation school or clinic population site, at Los Palos.

Rotary uses a sophisticated assessment process where sustainability, training, financial accountability, partnership, local management and skills development and measurability are essential requirements.

Our Rotary Club, in partnership with other clubs, is progressing another SkyHydrant project.  We have made a commitment to provide $3000.00 to progress the project and we are looking for another $3000.00 to make up this 6 thousand dollar effort.  Completion is expected by Mid 2025.

In response to your item in the April Courier, can you help?  To progress the opportunity further, can we meet to discuss the matter?

Yours Sincerely

Tom Hoyer – Club President

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  • Committee

Good morning Tom - apology for not replying to your message much earlier - the 2/2 Committee will meet in the near future to consider the funding proposals that it has received and we'll let you know the outcome immediately after that meeting.


Ed Willis - Committee member


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