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Craig Brown

Area Study Of Portuguese Timor, 1943

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This document, published in late February of 1943, is the result of David Dexter's time with the Allied Geographical Section. The study includes quite a few photographs and field sketches which would have had to have come from 2nd/2nd Indep Coy personnel.

Quite useful to put a picture to a location as it was when the men were operating in Timor

Portuguese Timor Area Study.pdf

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Hi Craig;

Thank you for you post about the 'Area study of Portuguese Timor'.  I have found this publication an invaluable resource in planning the 'Timor 1942 Commando Campaign' tour to Timor-Leste that I led in March-April 2018 and my previous tours.  The gazetteer, text descriptions of locations, maps, photos and illustrations provide precious background information.  The tour is being run again around the same time time this year and I'm following it up, along with a couple of other 2/2 Commando Association Committee members, with a research trip  to visit some of the key campaign sites at Vila Maria, Fatu Bessi, Lete Foho, Cailaco and Mape, Turiscai, etc that are not part of the tour route to locate, photograph and document them - again use of the Area Study is essential for this exercise.


Ed Willis, Vice-President

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