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  1. Hello I am attempting to add a photo for my father Norman Henry Parker , however the website states that his regimental number already is taken, however I cannot find his record.. I have attached this photo from the AWM showing Norman, 2nd in line. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C55397 The Photo caption reads: Description FAITA, RAMU VALLEY, NEW GUINEA. 1944-01-07. MEMBERS OF THE 2/2ND COMMANDO SQUADRON CROSSING A SWING BRIDGE IN THE UNIT HEADQUARTERS AREA. PICTURED HERE ARE: SIGNALMAN H. J. BICKERTON OF TRARALGON, VIC (1); TROOPER N. H. PARKER OF MT HAWTHORNE, WA (2); CORPORAL F. W. BENNETT OF DEE WHY, NSW (3); SIGNALMAN P. J. KELLY OF MURWILLUMBAH, NSW (4); TROOPER E. J. CHAPMAN (5); VX55541 CORPORAL G. B. KENNEDY (6). Kind regards John
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