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  1. Hi Ed It was very kind of you to make the effort and to send through the article written by Archie Campbell. I know Archie made the effort and visited my mother Doris Joy ( Gordon's sister) in Mildura and also wrote to her. Over the last 3 - 4 years I have written about 90 000 words on growing up in Mildura and there is a section about the Chiswell Family and in it I have included photo's of Gordon in uniform and also details of the"Ration Truck Massacre". I have written this memoir for my grandchildren and therefore Gordon will not be forgotten. Regards Kevyn
  2. A/Sgt Gordon Albert Chiswell was a brother to my mother Doris Evelyn Chiswell and if anyone has any anecdotes about Gordon passed on by a relative then it would be appreciated. Kevyn Joy
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