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  1. Thanks for your supportive reply Helen.

    I think you're right about the Australian flag at Balibo - I think there is some fine print on the display that says it is a reproduction.

    All the recommendations I made in the tour report were discussed and supported at the last 2/2 Committee meeting.  Priority was given to trying to get something done about the Dare memorial.  I've contacted the Australian Ambassador in T-L to see if he can advise who has current ownership or responsibility for the site so the Association can work with whoever that is to remedy the situation.  No response as yet.

    I continued contact with Mick Stone who is working with Ines on inaugurating a new memorial at Viqueque honouring the Timorese and Australians involved with Z Special operations and H-Force and local Timorese resistance members that will take place mid August.  We're hoping that if this works well it will be a precursor of similar monuments and memorials elsewhere in T-L, such as at Nunutana.

    It would be great if Ambassador Guterres could meet with the 2/2 Committee whenever he is Perth - I'll suggest inviting him to the Committee.

    Actions to progress all the report recommendations are happening and I was hoping to get better informed and even get some 'runs on the board' before reporting more fully on them through Facebook, Doublereds and the Courier.  Members of the tour group who are not on the Committee are helping with this.

    Any insights or information you have would be welcome.

    Timor Adventures are keen to run the tour again next year around the same time; I'm hoping to be involved again as well.





  2. Thanks for your response Ben.  I'm hopeful that there will be another tour so keep any eye on Doublereds and Facebook for developments.  I'll be reporting more fully on the tour shortly - all the feedback I've had from members of the tour party has been very positive and hopefully some of their stories and thoughts will emerge soon - this will help promote interest in future tours like ours – as well as a great experience for those involved, I think our group did have a positive impact economically and socially on the people we encountered and the places we visited during the tour and it would be great to keep that going.

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