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  1. Louis, Many thanks for that. I'm sure to find what I want in that lot. I'd dearly love to know what were the actual words of response they suggested Ross take back to the Japanese. I'd reckon they'd have been a bit of good old fashioned Aussie two syllable advice as to what the Jap commander could do!! Thanks again. Jim
  2. Morning Ed, That my friend is just what I was after and my sincere thanks. I was about to ask at the Civil Aviation Historical Society in Melbourne but you've beaten me too it. Although Dave had a somewhat tenuous connection to Qantas it is a very real part of the Qantas story if we go ahead with the book and it gives me the opportunity to bring in what your people did up there. Many thanks again, Warmest regards, Jim
  3. Sincere thanks Rob. I'm also looking up a book by Callinan at the National Library in Canberra so shall flush this one out as well. Thanks again
  4. Hi all, I'm researching a book on Qantas during WW2 and am trying to track down some details of the activities of David Ross who was in Dili as a Government rep when the Japanese invaded and had been assisting in earlier efforts to establish a Qantas service through Dili. Early research reveals that after his capture he was sent by the Japanese commander to ask the members of the Independent companies to surrender and later remained with them himself until later withdrawn. He later achieved high rank in the RAAF and I later got to know him when we both worked for the Department of Civil Aviation. Any suggestions appreciated. regards
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