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  1. Map showing Faita in the Ramu Valley, New Guinea
  2. Rhys Davies

    New Guinea 1944

    Gerry Green, Unknown, Dave Brown, Smash Dodson, Les Isenhood, Eric Davies, Bill (Lovey) Weir
  3. Faita, New Guinea 1944-01-07. Members of the 2/2nd Commando Squadron enjoying breakfast in their mess at Headquarters. Trooper J.R. Smith, Sergeant F.W. Bryant, Lance Sergeant W.T. Epps, Trooper E.J. Chapman, Sapper E. Davies, Lance Corporal D.M. Brown, Lieutenant J. Fox, Major G.G. Laidlaw, Captain D.K. Turton, Trooper N.A. Bray, Trooper L.W. Isenhood
  4. Lois Pascoe and Eric Davies Melbourne Zoo 1946 (Rhys Davies mother and father)
  5. Bill Weir, Eric Davies, Darby Munro, Bluey Bone on leave in Brisbane at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary December 1944 taken by Rhys Davies mother Lois (Eric's wife)
  6. Eric Davies, Bob Smith, Bluey Bone on leave at "Trees", Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland 26th December 1944 taken by Rhys Davies mother, Eric's wife, Lois
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