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  • November 2016 Courier

    Louis Crossing

    The latest edition of Courier is now available for download here.

    I'm also pleased to announce that a digital copy of "All The Bull's Men" by Cyril Ayris is now available for purchase via our online store.

    The 2/2 Commando Association of Australia owns the copyright of the publication and has decided to make it available again due to expressed demand from interested parties.
    It includes many unique photos and informative maps.

    Originally published in 2006, the book has been out of print for some years. Based on interviews and the written recollections of unit veterans, the book covers the 2/2’s famous history from its formation in 1941, through its Timor, New Guinea and New Britain campaigns to its disbandment in 1946.

    The book is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for those with a family connection to members of the unit as well as those with an interest in Australian commando operations during WWII.
    All income from sales of 'All the Bull's men' will go towards the Association's fund raising efforts.


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