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  • 'Coast Australia' episode on the connection between Darwin & the 2/2 commando campaign on Timor during 1941-1942

    Edward Willis

    I’ve been contacted by a producer from the popular Fox TV series ‘Coast Australia’ hosted by Neil Oliver, who are in process of preparing for the next series that is planned to include a Darwin episode featuring the links between the port and harbour area and the 2/2 campaign against the Japanese on Timor during 1941-1942.  The episode will be shot in Darwin during the first half of May.

    Great stories that come to mind in this regard that were featured during last year’s 75th anniversary on the Doublereds website include the unit’s departure from Darwin for Timor, Winnie the War Winner, the Timor Ferry Service, the arrival of the 2/4 and the wreck of the ‘Voyager’, the sinking of the ‘Armidale’ and Teddy Sheahan’s heroics, and the 2/2’s departure from Timor and arrival in Darwin on the ‘Tjerk Hiddes’ https://doublereds.org.au/archives/articles/. There may be an opportunity to bring in the ‘Debt of honour’ angle in the context of the current Timor Gap treaty negotiations.

    I’m posting this message to see if any members of the 2/2 fraternity, especially family members of soldiers in the unit, may have information or other material that may assist in preparing the program.

    Locations in Darwin including Stokes Hill Wharf and the ‘Zealandia’ wreck site that have a direct 2/2 connection should be included in the episode but if anyone has other suggestions about sites around the harbour or elsewhere on the coast that are relevant to the story please let me know.

    The producer is also interested in other material such as relevant personal memoirs, letters, photos, art work and memorabilia that might be made available  – but remember they must be connected to the 2/2 and coastal or harbour Darwin.

    Please contact me by e-mail: ew988662@bigpond.net.au, Doublereds Messages or Facebook if you have any ideas or items that you think may assist with the episode.

    I am participating in the upcoming ‘Timor 1942 Commando Campaign Tour’ (see earlier story) that will run from 22 April – 2 May but should be contactable by those methods most of the time I am in Timor-Leste.

    This is a great opportunity to enhance public knowledge of the 2/2 story and any assistance you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Ed Willis

    2/2 Commando Association of Australia Committee Member and ‘Courier’ editor


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