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  • Raymond Norman PARRY

    Peter Epps
    • Regimental Number: WX12415

    Raymond was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as a Private in No 5 Section, “B” Platoon.

    He was Mentioned in Despatches, for Gallant and Distinguished Service, London Gazette, 25 May 1943 and in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No 119-3 Jun 1943. These are the two Gazettes for the Timor Campaign.

    After the campaign on Timor, he embarked with the unit, for Australia aboard the Royal Dutch destroyer “Tjerk Hiddes” on either 11 Dec 1942 or 16 Dec 1942, as the embarkation rolls do not differentiate. 

    After leave and reorganization, he embarked with the unit for New Guinea aboard S.S. “DUNTROON” on 17 Jun 1943 as a Trooper in No 5 Section, “B” Troop and returned to Australia with them aboard “TAROONA” on 3 Sept 1944.

    After further leave and reorganization, he embarked for New Britain aboard “TAROONA” on 9 Apr 1945 with the unit as a Trooper in No 5 Section, “B” Troop.

    He transferred to 53rd Port Craft Company on 22 Mar 1946 and was discharged on 22 Mar 1946.

    Ray re-enlisted for the Korean War with Service No 5400049 and served with 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment from 26 Dec 1950 to 26 Dec 1951.

    During that period, the 3rd Battalion (800) was involved in the “Battle of Kapyong” between 22- 25 Apr 1950 against a Chinese Division (10,000) and the battalion was awarded an American “Presidential Unit Citation” and Ray was awarded a Military Medal, London Gazette dated 25 Jan 1952.




    “On the night of the 23rd APRIL, 1951, Corporal PARRY was given a small knoll slightly to the rear of “B” Coy’s perimeter, to man with a Light Machine Gun and three men.

    On information that the enemy had infiltrated our lines and large numbers were forming up below the knoll to attack the Coy position, Corporal PARRY leaving the remainder of his section under command of his 2 i/c, proceeded to the knoll. As he arrived at the Light Machine Gun outpost at approximately 0400hrs, the enemy, fifty in number launched their attack. By brilliant use of fire power under his command and inspiring leadership, the attack was smashed; the enemy being forced to withdraw, leaving behind dead and wounded. Three further enemy attacks were made on the outpost in the next twenty minutes, these being repulsed in the same determined manner as the first.

    The knoll was to the rear of “B” Coy’s position, and had this fallen to the enemy they could have dominated the Coy’s perimeter. There is no doubt that Corporal PARRY’s quick appreciation of the situation and brilliant leadership together with his determination to hold vital ground, was directly responsible for the Coy’s perimeter being kept intact and at the same time thoroughly disorganising the enemy.

    Ten enemy dead were counted after the first attack and as day broke a further thirteen dead were found on the lower slopes.”


    Ray served as a Sergeant at the Battle of Maryang San between 3-8 Oct 1951.



    Military Medal.JPGMilitary Medal

    PUC K.JPG Presidential Unit Citation

    Edited by Peter Epps


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