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  • Gerald Irwin GREEN

    Peter Epps
    • Regimental Number: WX12145

    Gerald was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as the Platoon Sergeant, Engineers Section, Headquarters Group.

    Gerald was commissioned in the field and took command of the Sapper Section, which combined with members of the 1st Reinforcements and the former soldiers from the Koepang area and on 8 May 1942, a new Platoon, “D” Platoon, was formed, under the command of Lieutenant Turton and later under Lt Doig. After the campaign on Timor, he embarked with the unit, for Australia aboard the Royal Dutch destroyer “Tjerk Hiddes” on 11 Dec 1942.

    After leave and reorganization he embarked with the unit for New Guinea as a Lieutenant, Officer Commanding, Engineer Section, Headquarters Group aboard S.S. “DUNTROON” on 17 Jun 1943 and at Bululo, he was sent to an Intelligence Course.

    He was Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette, 8 Mar 1945 and in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 15 Mar 1945.

    He returned to the unit in Qld and after leave and further reorganization, he embarked for New Britain aboard “TAROONA” on 9 Apr 1945 with the unit, as a Lieutenant, Officer Commanding, Intelligence Section, Headquarters Group.

    He was discharged on 15 Jul 1946.

    Green Group.JPG

    Edited by Peter Epps



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