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  • Ernest William HOFFMANN

    Peter Epps
    • Regimental Number: WX13317

    Ernest was an original member of the unit, embarking aboard “S.S. ZEALANDIA” on 8 Dec 1941 for Timor as a Private in Headquarters Group of “C” Platoon.

    He embarked for Darwin aboard the “KURU” on 17 Sept 1942 as a Private.

    Ernest transferred to the following,

    51st Aust Water Transport Company, 16 Nov 1943.

    83rd Aust Water Transport Company, 23 Mar 1945.

    W.A. Fixed Defence, 19 Dec 1945.

    83rd Aust Water Transport Company, 3 Jan 1946.

    W.A. Fixed Defence, 11 Jan 1946.

    He was discharged on 20 Feb 1946.

    Edited by Peter Epps



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