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  • Keith Irvine PINNER

    Peter Epps
    • Regimental Number: TX3545

    Kenneth served for 1 year with12/50th Battalion, a Citizens Military Force (Reserves) unit prior to enlisting in the A.I.F.  on 24 Jun 1940 and was posted to 2/40th Battalion. He embarked for Timor on 8 Dec 1941 and joined the 2/2nd on Timor as a Private from 2/40th Battalion, after the fall of Koepang, approx. March 1942.

    He was one of the former Koepang men, who moved to the village of Mape for intensive commando training and on 8 May 1942, they were spread between the original sections. After the campaign on Timor, he embarked with the unit, for Australia aboard the Royal Dutch destroyer “Tjerk Hiddes” on 16 Dec 1942.   

    He was posted to 2/12th Battalion on 23 Jun 1943 and embarked for New Guinea aboard "KATOOMBA" with them on 17 Aug 1943 but was medevac'd to Australia aboard Hospital Ship "MANUNDA" on 13 Jun 1944 and after treatment was transferred to Australian War Graves Maintenance Unit, Queensland on 27 Nov 1944. He was discharged on 4 Aug 1945.

    He was entitled to the 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939-45, pictured below.

    Pinner KI.JPG

    Pac  Def.JPG


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