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  • George Edwin PARKER

    Peter Epps
    • Regimental Number: NX34821

    George enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (Reserves( on 2 Jul 1934 with Service Number 263296 as a Signalman and was posted to 1st Division Signals. He was promoted Corporal on 26 Aug 1935, Sergeant on 30 Jan 1937, commissioned Lieutenant on 1 Jul 1940 and transferred to the A.I.F. on 23 Jul 1940. He was posted to 8th Division Signals and promoted to Captain on 29 Nov 1940. He flew to Timor on 10 Feb 1942 and joined the 2/2nd on Timor as a Captain, Signals Officer from Sparrow Force Headquarters, after the fall of Koepang, approx. March 1942. He was in command of the Signallers responsible for building “Winnie the War Winner”.

    He returned to Australia on 20 Aug 1942 and was posted to Australian Corps Signals, Land Head Quarters (LHQ) on 21 Sept 1942. Was awarded a Commander in Chief Commendation Card for Timor on 13 Oct 1942. Transferred to Headquarters 3rd Company Signals, LHQ on 18 Dec 1942 and promoted Temporary Major on 6 Jan 1943, then transferred to Signals, 7th Australian Division, on 23 Mar 1943 and promoted Temporary Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) same day.

    He was Mentioned in Despatches, for Gallant and Distinguished Service, London Gazette, 25 May 1943 and in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No 119-3 Jun 1943. These are the two Gazettes for the Timor Campaign.

    He was promoted Major and retain the rank on Temp Lt Col on 6 Jan 1944, then embarked for New Guinea aboard "CANBERRA" on 26 Jul 1943. He was promoted to Lt Col on 11 May 1944 and returned to Australia on 17 May 1944. 

    Awarded an Officer of the Military Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) in the London Gazette, 6 Mar 1945, as a Captain Temporary Lieutenant Colonel.


    Period- 1 Oct 1943 to 31 Mar 1944                                                                                                                                                                              Place- LAE, MARKHAM and RAMU VALLEY

    For outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty during the LAE, MARKHAN and RAMU VALLEY Campaign. Lt Col Parker Commanded 7 Div Sigs with skill, determination and initiative throughout. By reason of the distances covered the inter-communication problems were both difficult and of vital importance. Despite difficulties of climate and transportation Lt-Col Parker at all times provided the necessary signal channels. By his own drive and personal supervision of the forward elements of his command he imbued all ranks with his own enthusiasm and ensured success. Apart from his normal functions he has controlled throughout the campaign the supply of signal supplies for the whole Div. This added responsibility he discharged with the greatest success.

    Singed G A Vasey Maj Gen.

    He embarked for Morotai aboard "CLARENCE H MATSON" on 16 May 1945, then embarked for Balikpapan on 22 Jun 1945. He returned to Australia aboard "AMHURST VICTORY" on 25 Jan 1946.

    George was Mentioned in Despatches, for Gallant and Distinguished Service, in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No 43/750/47.

    He was discharged on 12 Mar 1946.

    He was entitled to the 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939-45, pictured below. He is now also entitled to the Australian Service Medal 1945-75 with a clasp. It is known he was awarded an Efficiency Decoration, date unknown.

    Parker GE.JPG

    Pac  Def.JPG

    B Medals.JPG


    Aust ED.JPG




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