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  • Timor Revisited (1973)

    Edward Willis

    Production Date: c. 1973
    Produced as: Documentary
    Media: Film
    Summary: Narrative featuring an ex-Australian soldier revisiting 'Portuguese Timor', reflecting on surviving 13 months of guerilla warfare thanks to the assistance of the local inhabitants. Places and locations filmed include Dili, street markets, Hotel Turismo, Fatu-Bessi, Maubisse, cock fighting, WW2 relics, yarn spinning, art and craft making, palm tree climbing, Baucau and a military parade.
    Country of Origin: Australia
    Language: English
    Camera Operator: Peter Goodall
    Director: Charles Eadon-Clarke
    Editor (Film): Alan Cox
    Producer: Charles Eadon-Clarke
    Production company: Brian Williams Productions
    Scriptwriter: Charles Eadon-Clarke
    Sponsor: MacRobertson Miller Airlines




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