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  1. ANZAC Day 2020.

    A wreath was laid in Kings Park today to honour our Fathers / Grandfathers / Great Grandfathers. Normally it would have been laid at the State War Memorial but due to the lockdown it was placed on our Memorial in Lovekin Dr. 


    Lest we Forget



    Crossing the RAMU New Guinea.

    L to R

    L Anderson, T Towers, L Bagley, J Hallinan, Back to Camera, J Keenahan, ?? Monk, K Curran, ???, D Dexter, T Giles.

  2. Some of "The Men of Timor" L to R

    1. Unknown, 2. R J Sprigg, Signals, 3. H J Brown, No 2 Sect, 4. J S O'Brien, Signals, 5. W E Tomasetti, Headquarters, 6. D F Murray, Signals, 7. I J Brown, Signals.

  3. Engineers Section, "D" Platoon, Timor 1942

    Rear L to R

    1. H E James, 2. W N J Howell, 3. G I Green, 4. A J Martin, 5. W E March.

    Front L to R

    1. W T Epps, 2. G H Strickland

    Notice the fire power of group. Green has a snipers rifle and the other 4 in rear have Tommy Guns, both in front have Bren Guns.

  4. Nullarbor Plain 1941 on way to Wilson's Promontory.

    Rear L to R

    1. H T Crowder, 2. G W Hislop, 3. P Alexander, 4. T Paull, 5. Unknown

    Front L to R

    1. T F D Towers, 2. A Davidson, 3. A J Lane, 4. K M Hayes

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