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  1. Hi Jane,

    The following information has been relayed to me from one of our committee members.



    Hector Fleetwood Burn’s digitised service record is available on the National Archives of Australia web site: http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/NameSearch/Interface/ItemDetail.aspx?Barcode=6357762&isAv=N

    His record does give dates and some other details of his service with the 2/2.

    All the 2/2 unit histories make scattered references to the 2/40 and men from other units who escaped from Dutch Timor to Portuguese Timor and were incorporated into the 2/2.  Reading these references would give Jane a good idea of Hector’s personal experience that would have essentially been the same as all the other men.

    The only specific reference I could find to Hector Burn was in Ayris: 2/2 Nominal Roll p.498, 2/2nd men who joined from Dutch Timor, BURN, HF TX1582.

    See Cyril Ayris. - All the Bull's men: no. 2 Australian Independent Company (2/2nd Commando Squadron). - [Perth, W.A.]: 2/2nd Commando Association, c2006.

    The other unit histories are listed at:


    See also: Paul Cleary. - The men who came out of the ground: a gripping account of Australia's first commando campaign: Timor 1942. - Sydney: Hachette Australia, 2010.

    All these unit histories can be sourced using your local public library service.


    I hope it's able to help a bit.

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